Design your dream yard!

Class schedule 2016 is now set!

With Elzbieta 26 years and James 38 years Landscaping and design services offering to you in class room instruction for your design your dream yard. Our consultants have spent years honing their skills and knowledge to help and answer your questions. Once you meet them and relayed your design criteria and specific tastes, trust them to advise and guide you to creating the perfect landscape design and your dream yard.Landscaping all across Saskatchewan home and business.

1) Email a copy of your survey certificate for your home that you want your design for.
2.) Booked and show up for your classes at Allan's.

In just 5 fun & lively classes you will:
· learn to measure & draw your yard to scale.
· create a personalized list of shrubs, plants & perennials.
· save money by picking up dozens of money-saving ideas.
· save time by discovering low maintenance methods used by pros!
· create a plan for your own paradise at ALLAN'S CLASSES UNIQUE FOR YOU!
· you will learn from our designer Elzbieta doing design work and James
as Landscaping General Contractor. Allan's more than 37 years in Saskatchewan.

All classes to be held at Allan's store classroom.
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$299 + GST

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